A First Time Visitor Wrote In And Said:

Mike, this site is so well focused. it helps the very first time you use it … I intend to re-visit often to continue to gain control of my life through the Father.  Thank you, for this ministry …

What One Young Man Said To Me.

Mike, what I like about the Restore Purity website, is you back everything up with scripture and I know that, that is what stops Satan and his demons in their tracks.  He when on to say; when the warrior within him is awaken, – “it’s a bad day for demons.”

From An Honest Brother!

As one who is still vulnerable to the cycle of sexual insanity in my life, I was greatly encouraged in the truths of the Father’s love towards me, and moreover, received valuable tools to proactively stand in His love and to triumph over the lies of the enemy.

A Brother Facing The Issue Of Porn In His Life.

I have come to understand one of the ways I am vulnerable to porn is that the fact is “Pornography is a visual attack.”  And for me, the Youtube videos found under “Praise And Worship’ on Restore Purity’s website leave me in a state of “awe and wonder” of my God’s love for me.  It is in the first 15 or so videos/songs here on this site, that help me to be proactive in strengthening my inner man against the schemes of the evil one.

My Wife Recommend This Site To A Young Lady She Counsels And This Was Her Response!  

…the website your husband made is awesome…, very extensive and thorough!  I have spent about an hour looking at stuff so far.  I love the daily verbal affirmations (this is the “Identity as a Son, section.)- I set a tab so it’ll be easy to go back to.

I recently received this email:

Hello. I have been dealing with homosexuality for a while now and I don’t wanna be this way anymore!! I have tried to fight it, but sometimes it seems overwhelming! I have nobody to talk to about this, I’m scared because I want to have a true relationship with Christ, but I feel that I can’t because of this spirit I’m trying to fight! I really need help! I feel as though this is the life for me and there is no hope!! I’m so close to accepting the fact that I can’t be delivered and there is no hope for me! Is there anything I can do? I’ve been spending time with God, reading my bible, praying, and it just seems like nothing is working!!

After reading this e-mail, I responded by asking this young man to give me a call, which he did.  I told him to go to this site, go right to the “Identity As a Son,” and apply all what he would read there, which he did and he sent me a second e-mail saying:

Mike, I want to thank you for guiding me in that direction!! I knew God loved me, but I never thought that he could or would see through all my faults and my sins!! Thank you for opening my eyes! I now know that I have authority over my thoughts and my situation!! I know that i have power, freedom, healing and COMPLETE victory over my life and issues!! As soon as I was done with repenting for all of my wrong doing, I was already rejoicing!! I could just feel God moving in me and I could feel them celebrating in my freedom! I can now go out and battle Satan like a true soldier that God has called me to be from birth! I have put on my armor and I am ready to battle every evil spirit that comes to me!! Although I know that I am just starting and I may fall back, I know that God won’t look at me any different if I just repent from it and get back up and keep fighting the fight of faith!! This website was just what I needed to sustain the relationship with my Heavenly Father!


A Grateful Brother in Christ!

Mike, thanks for your advice, I much appreciate it and value it, coming from one who has great authority and anointing in that area. I started reading the identity as a son section on the website and it’s really good. I can definitely feel on the website how much love you have put into it to help the children of God overcome lust, porn and other sexual problems. It is anointed material. I am going to read through it and am excited.

A Father Who Struggles.

I have struggled with understanding Gods love for me for a very long time.  I always felt I have to do something really special to earn it…because I didn’t feel I deserved His love. Although I have two sons, and I love the with all my heart, and want only what’s good for them. I still couldn’t mentally transfer that fatherly unconditional love to Gods unconditional love for me. There is always a battle in my mind about who I am to God, and how He sees me as his child…His son.

I’m thankful this web site exists, especially for “Identity as a son” and that some took the time and effort to meticulously articulate the love, compassion, and concern, God has for me. And the words that are so poetically written are backed up with scriptures.

I try to make this a daily part of my devotion, but it especially helps when I feel alone, scared, and when I find myself being hard on me, for mistakes I have made, and all the stuff from my past that “I” have a difficult time letting go of. I can be reminded by reading this that God does NOT feel the same way about me that I sometimes feel about myself. For me understanding God’s love for me, that  am his son is the foundation for my success in my walk with Him, loving myself, growing my relationship with Him, and walking in His will…NOT MINE. And it makes the difference between running FROM God, and running TO Him.

From a Christian Brother.

Our first and foremost priority as Christians is to love God – and that includes obeying when He speaks to us. The first time I heard about Mike and his ministry, my heart cried out, “You’ve got to find out more!” So why did I delay in reaching out? Because sexuality runs deep. It’s intensely personal, intensely powerful and sensitive.

So when I reached out to Mike to mentor me, it was an act of obedience. Trusting God meant making myself vulnerable and opening myself up to places I’ve been hurt in the past. But God wants us to do more than read about Him or hear about Him. He wants us to experience Him. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I continue to be blessed by my relationship to Mike and Restorepurity.com. God has proven himself to be more loving than I ever could have imagined. God hasn’t removed the feeling that I’m vulnerable, but he’s shown me how to use that transparency for His glory.

A Note From A Concerned Father.

Another encouraging endorsement   was from a father whose son turned to him for help with struggles he was having on the internet.  I sent this father 2 DVD’S of my seminar to help equip him to walk alongside his young adult son.  He later told me that the 2 chapters i sent him not only complimented a book and CD series by two well known Christian authors   that he had also used, but my work had added insights he found crucial that were not addressed by the other authors.

Needless to say I was very encouraged!

A Father And Son View One Of “The Choice And The Challenge’s DVD’S

In a culture where the mere discussion of sexual transformation by heterosexuals, homosexuals and Lesbians encountering the Living Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through the preaching and teaching of the Scriptures and disclosure of ones history of familial and sexual pain in in-depth counseling, Mike Caven, one whom Jesus has transformed, has powerfully and poignantly, by the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance, has written, produced and insightfully presents www.restorepurity.com and “The Choice and the Challenge: A Seminar Addressing Male Sexual Purity.” He talks with precision regarding males and Masturbation, Lust and Pornography and how to Resolve these major contemporary issues facing men in our society.  My son and I have viewed the discussion regarding Masturbation, it was a very significant experience for both of us. I highly endorse Mike Caven and this profound project. 

Donn Thomas: apostolic voice to nations, pastor, song writer, worship leader, and board member of Resurrection Life Ministries.    

Feedback On Our Safe Sex Teaching Presented To 165 High School Students In Aftrica


Thanks for recommending your web site for information on safe sex, STD’s/STI’s, and abstinence.  The questionnaire on the topics was a big hit with the students in Tombel, Cameroon, West Africa. I presented your material to three large High School classes, 50-60 students per room.  However, the students were so attentive during the presentation that you would have never guessed that the classes were so large. The last class was so interested in this topic that they willingly stayed after school to listen to me.

The students were divided into two competing groups. I read the question and the first group to answer correctly got a point.  We then discussed the topic.  The groups became very competitive and each wanted to win. Needless to say, the information was well received. 

Again, thanks for the information.

Joyce Kelly-Lewis, PhD

Anglican Church Is Grateful For The Work Of Resurrection Life Ministries!


I was so blessed by your participation tonight. I am sitting upstairs and just on a mile high right now.  Your contribution was far and away the best insight I’ve ever heard on the subject of the basic bulding blocks of sexual sin and desire in general. Thank you so much. my words cannot convey what you brought to the table.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  You are a gift and a blessing to the body of Christ. Keep on being you – because you’re a rare gift.

Kris Mc Daniel – Trinity, Atlanta

Christian Businessman

I had sent a CD of one of the teachings we had to a friend of the ministry and he responded with this email.

Mike: I received your package yesterday and I watched the CD you enclosed in its entirety last evening. Thank you! It was excellent!  I was so blessed by your teaching and I want more. I want to see the whole 9 yards and I insist you send it to me!

Local Pastor Expresses Appreciation For Resurrection Life Ministries!


Really did enjoy your time with us on Saturday. I was delighted to hear your honest and open approach to the issues of sexuality that Christian men face. We were blessed by your transparency and your sensible, Biblical answer to such common but rarely openly discussed problems.   The men of the body of Christ need to hear your message so that they can walk in the freedom that Christ provides!

Bradley White – City Harvest Worship Center – Lilburn, Georgia

A Baptist Pastor Gives His Endorsement!

Resurrection Life Ministries is addressing an ever increasing problem among both non-believers and believers. This ministry has a biblically based approach for delivering those enslaved to sexual sin.  Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, recommends Mike Caven and ResstorePurity.com   They are equipping the local church and pointing people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bryant Wright   – Pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta GA  

A Word From A Missions Leader!

I have known Mike Caven for almost 30 years and I am honored to commend his ministry to you. Remaining steadfast in his calling he has been a faithful servant of the Gospel to the sexually broken.

Floyd McClung, Jr. – Author, The Father Heart of God – Former Director, Youth With A Mission

First Baptist Church, Atlanta – Dr. Charles F. Stanley

“Resurrection Life Ministries is addressing an everincreasing problem among both non-believers and believers.

This ministry has a biblically based approach for delivering those enslaved to sexual sin.

First Baptist Church, Atlanta, supports and recommends Mike Caven and Resurrection Life Ministries International.

They are equipping the local church and pointing people to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Charles F. Stanley

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta