Society today is awash with sexual stimuli from every vantage point. It is crucial that we as Christian men equip ourselves to stand against this onslaught. 

“The Choice And The Challenge,” is a bible study helping men to walk in Purity and Holiness, by way of the last Fruit of the Holy Spirit -which is Self-Control especially concerning the power of their sex drive. 

This Bible Study webpage is intended for “ALL” Christian men and it is useful for a basic yet thorough educational tool.  Therefore, this material is not just for those who maybe struggling but again it is intended for all Christian men. For men who don’t wrestle with these issues in their lives play a vital role in helping their Brothers in Christ who may have been overcome by the power of their sex drive. 

“The Choice And The Challenge,” contains frank, clear and biblical discussions about male sexuality. 
Within the pages, of the “The Choice And The Challenge, you will see that this material upholds and celebrates the biblical view of God’s intent for Holiness and Purity for men concerning their maintaining spiritual cleanliness before our God.

The 5 Topics Include: 

  • Self-Control and Masturbation
  • Desire or Lust, Which Is It
  • Sexual Idolatry
  • Defining Pornography
  • Sexual Addiction