The Choice And The Challenge Seminar © 2006

Teaching One

Answers For – God Is Good



Point One


1) What Is The Goal For This Teaching?                                                                                                   Growing In Trust


2) What Is Point One For This Teaching?                                                                                             To Learn Obedience


3) Does God Deal With You Any Differently Than He Did With King David?                                                                     No


4) What Did God Say In Acts 13:22 Was The Reason He Proclaimed King David To Be  A Man After His Heart?  

Because King David Would Do Anything That God Wanted Him To Do 


Point Two



5) What Is Point Two For This Teaching?                                                                                              Our God Is For Us


6) But What Did God Give King David Concerning His Enemies And Foes?                        He Gave Him Great Victories


7) Concerning Controlling Your Sex Drive, What Are The Four Words You Would Like Associated With It?

Peace – Healing – Victory – Freedom


8)  In 2 Samuel 22, As A Result Of God Being Involved In David’s Life. What Are The Six Things David Experienced.


1)David Was Made Great 

2)David Stood Strong Where It Would Be less likely That He Would Fall Or Stumble Anymore

3)He Was Given The Sheild Of Victory

4)His Way Was Made Perfect

5)He Was Strengthened

6)He Was Trained For Battle



Point Three


9) In The Story Of Samon, How Many Affairs Did It Take For Him To Be Destroyed?                                                 One


10) In The Story Of Solomon, How Many Afiiars Did It Take For Him To Be Destroyed?                              One Thousand                                                  


11) What Are The Five Words Used In Describing Joseph, Samon And Solomom? 

Success – Strength – Power – Wisdom – Wealth


12) There Are Two Sets Of Fingerprints That Can Be Found Working In Each Of Our Lives, Whose Are They?

Jesus and Satan’s