By Richard Exley 

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Lust Is Not The Result Of An Overactive Sex Drive. 

It Is Not A Biological Phenomenon Or The By-Product Of Our Glands.

If It Were Then It Could Be Satisfied

With A Sexual Experience Like A Glass Of Water Quenches Thirst

Or A Good Meal Satisfies Appetite.


The More We Attempt To Appease Our Lust The

More Demanding It Becomes.

There Is Simply Not Enough Erotica In The World To Satisfy Lust’s Unquenchable Appetite

Therefore When We Deny Our Lustful Obsessions

We Are Not Repressing A Legitimate Drive

We Are Putting To Death An Aberration.

Lust Is To The Gift Of Sex What Cancer Is To A Normal Cell.

Therefore, We Deny It

Not In Order

To Become Sexless Saints

But In Order

To Be Fully Alive To God.

Which Includes The Full And Uninhibited Expression Of Our Sexual Being

Within The God – Given Context Of Marriage.

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