Evening, morning and noon 
I cry out in distress, 
and he hears my voice.


Psalm 55:17

As only a Christian male knows the mixed and confusing feelings of conviction, guilt, condemnation and shame that they most often deal with after bingeing on masturbation, lust and/or pornography.  This site is designed to be a safe place for that individual to review how to apply truths in becoming “clean” from his sin before his Father God.

What To Do Right Away:

Go to Psalm 51 and Psalm 32 and prayerfully read, meditate upon and apply what you see King David doing in these two Psalms he wrote in addressing his own sin issues within his life.    

Go to Our Identity as a Son  and apply that material there.  

Also in the Praise & Worship section, the first 15 songs are all about the Cross and the Blood of Jesus.  These are good to watch and meditate upon as to the price our Lord and Savior paid to forgive us our sins. 


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Below Is An Overview Of Several Categories On This Site:

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The Meditations about:

“Who Our God Is.”


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Definition for the word: Meditate:


To think deeply and carefully for a period of time,

about something in silence.


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The 13 meditations about God found on this site barely scratch the surface in an attempt to describe who our God is. Yet for the peace, the victory, the freedom and the healing that we desire in our life.  It is to the degree we draw close to Him, that we will walk in our destiny as His adopted sons. 

Spend time with each meditation, allowing your mind and your hearts imagination to explore His greatness. 

For as A. W. Tozer says:

The more you know and understand God,

the one who created you,

the more you will live the full life He has planned for you.

Tozer also says:


We can never know who or what we are


we know at least something of what God is.


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Hebrews 10:22 says:


Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith,

having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience

and having our bodies washed with pure water.


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View These Meditations As An Aid In Helping You To

Draw Near To Your God.


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The Meditations about:

“The Cross of Jesus.”


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The most important thing we could ever know while here on this earth is “Who our God is.”  Then what follows that is the most important thing he ever did for us!  Which was our Father God sent Jesus the second Person in the Trinity to die on the Cross for each of us.  To show us His love towards us. 

The 12 meditations here on this site also only touch on all that took place leading up to and the crucifixion itself. There is power in the Cross and it is this power that implemented properly breaks the power of compulsive masturbation in our life.  It is the power of the Cross that breaks the power of lust that we desire to get free from.  And it is the Cross of Jesus that is greater than the power behind addiction to pornography in our lives. 

Therefore, to experience the peace, the victory, the freedom and the healing we hunger for in our lives.  It is in becoming students of the Cross of Jesus that will lead us into the presence of our Father God and into the Resurrected Life He has for each of us.


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Our Identity in Christ:

Our Identity as a Son


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First, its all about “Who our God is” then its about what He did at “The Cross of Jesus.”  And with these two great foundations that we are able to stand upon. It is at this point that we embrace our identity as a son of the living God. 

We are now able to confess, to proclaim, to declare who our God is and what He did for each of us and because we have bow our knee to Him we rise and speak forth who we are in Him. 

This is our destiny, our inheritance. 

It is this section where we place our most intense focus. This is the place of the “Renewing of our Minds.”  For as we increase in the revelation of “Who we are in Jesus,” The less power the sins of masturbation, lust and pornography will have in our life. 

This is the revelation that the devil wants to keep you from.  For as you walk in who you are as a son of the living God, you will increase in the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Self-Control) and the devil and his deceptions will become weaker within you to the point that you take back the control of your thought life, your sex drive and the choices you make.


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All the teachings on this site are relevant to the guy who struggles with compulsive masturbation, lust and pornography.  This is the knowledge and understanding needed to live in the peace, the victory, the freedom and the healing you are after.

The more you understand the truth and principles within these teachings the more you will have clarity as to what you are dealing with.  What you will need to apply to your life.  What you will need to resolve within your life.  These teachings are intended to equipped you to help you grow into all your Father God has for you.  For an indepth understanding of Masturbation, Lust and Pornography go to

“The Choice and the Challenge” seminar.


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Praise and Worship 

Always when there is sin in our life we are unable to do two thinks.  One is, we are unable to resist the devil. And the second is we are unable to worship our God,  It is our praise that our God inhabits. 

There is power in praise that Satan wants to keep us from.  For the more we praise and worship our God, the more we draw close to Him and with that we fall more and more in love with Him.  When we have the revelation of His goodness, His kindness, His compassion towards us. The more comfortable we become living as His son within His arms. And we will praise Him and worship Him as He rightly deserves.


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As you see there is much more on this site, “The Choice and the Challenge” seminar, the Blog, and YouTube Channel, a section on STDs, on Abortion. The site is large and it is my hope you always leave this site closer to our wonderful Father God being clean and pure before Him.   



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