Answers for the Meditations about our God. 


  1. What did Jesus claim about His relationship to God? That He was equal to Him
  2. Through what means do we understand the Trinity? By Faith and Revelation
  3. Are the Three expressions of the Trinity ever in disagreement? No

Self Existent

  1. Who or what, aside from God, is Self Existent? No one, nothing
  2. Is God limited or confined in any way? No
  3. Which column did Satan desire to be placed? Self Existent 


  1. Who is the door between us and God?  Jesus
  2. How much time separates us from God?  A twinkling of an eye 
  3. How long has God known us?  Since before we were conceived 

Self Sufficient

  1. Does God have needs?  No
  2. How long have Father, Son and Holy Spirit been together? Throughout eternity
  3. What does God desire?  Us


  1. According to Tozer, can God be measured in any direction? No
  2.  Is God restricted by time? No
  3. Do we know God’s infiniteness by words or revelation? Revelation


  1. Is there any part of my life that God is not aware of? No
  2. Should we fear God’s infinite presence? No
  3. What does Immanuel mean? God is with us, no matter what


  1. What are three areas God has complete knowledge of? Himself – Creation – Us
  2. God knows everything about us, do we know everything about Him? No
  3. How did David describe God’s relationship with the stars? He knows them by name


  1.    Is God limited in His power or ability? No
  2.    God first reveals His Creative power in what book of the Bible? Genesis
  3.    Was the cross an expression of God’s power? Yes


  1. Is Holiness just the absence of sin? No, it is also the presence of God
  2. What kind of kingdom does God have? A Holy Kingdom
  3. Where can we hide our unholiness, according to Tozer? In the wounds of Christ


  1.  Has God ever changed? No
  2. Will God’s words every pass away? No
  3. Do we change? Yes


  1.  Are world events under God’s control? Yes
  2.  Are we able to tell God “no?” Yes
  3. Are God’s plans for us always good? Yes


  1.  Did God create us to be unique? Yes
  2.    What is the main reason He created us? To have a relationship with Him
  3.   Where did Jesus ascend to? To sit at the right hand of the Father


  1. What is the desire of our Heavenly Father? He wants each of us to be a part of His Family.
  2. What does The Spirit within us cry out? Abba Father
  3. If you have been adopted as our God’s son –that makes Him your Father and Jesus your  Brother