Safe Sex – STD’s-STI’s 

(part -1

12 Questions and Answers at the end of teaching)

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Are You Thinking Of Entrusting You Life To This Little Piece Of Rubber?

Rusty Wright

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Do Not Bite At The Bait Of Pleasure,

Till You Know There Is No Hook Beneath It.

 Thomas Jefferson

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Always Remember:

When It Comes To Allowing Any Sin In Your Life,

The Choice Is Always Yours,


You Never Ever Get To Choose The Consequences For That Sin.

Mike Caven

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Where Do You Want Your Life To Go?  

Don’t Rely On Chance.  

You Can Stack The Circumstances In Your Favor For A Full And Abundant Life.

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Take Responsibility For Yourself!

   If You Are Really Wise, You’ll Think This Over…

Psalm 107:43

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What Is Safe Sex?

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Safe Sex Usually Means Having Sexual Relations (Sex) With Another Person In A Way That Prevents The Chance Of Catching A Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STD/STI) Or Getting A Girl Pregnant.


Condoms Are Given As The Answer — But Are Condoms Really The Answer?

The Implied Message Is That You Can Have Sex And No Bad Consequences Will Happen To You All You Will Get From The Experience Is Pleasure. What An Absolutely Perfect Situation (It Appears!)

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Very Thin Rubber Covering Placed Over Your Penis To Prevent Actual Skin-To-Skin Contact With Your Sex Partner. Designed To Prevent Sperm From Entering The Other Person As Well As The Transference T Of Diseases From Person To Person.

Oral Sex-

Sex – Using Your Mouth To Stimulate Another Person’s Genitals Or Vice-Versa.

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How Effective Are Condoms?

                              Situation                              Results
                              Genital Warts  No Safer
    Herpes Std50% Safer
         Gonorrhea Std50% Safer
         Chlamydia Std50% Safer
Hiv Std85% Safer
   Pregnancy86% Safer

(Information Is From The Medical Institute)

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Here Is A List Of 13 Things You May Not Know About Condoms.

            –  Offer No Prevention From Genital Warts.

            –  Offer No Prevention From Pubic Lice (Crabs.) 

            – Limited Prevention From Syphilis 

            – There Are Condoms That Do Not Block HIV And STDs From Seeping Through Their Pours.

              (Lambskin Condoms Don’t Block HIV And STDs)

            – 3% Of Condoms Break Open Or Slip Off.

            – Less That 50% Of Teens 15-19 Know How To Correctly Use A Condom.  

            – Some People Are Allergic To Certain Kinds Of Condoms.

            – Certain Lubrications Can Break A Condom Open. 

            (An Oil-Based Lubricant Can Cause A Latex Condom To Break Open.)

            – Girls Being Treated For Yeast Infections, (Which Contains Oils)

            Can Also Cause A Break In Latex Condoms.

            – Condoms Get Old, Potentially Causing Them To Break.  

            – Dry Condoms Break Easily.

            – If A Condom Is Kept In A Hot Place That Can Cause It To Break Open 

    (Like When They Are Carried Around In A Wallet All The Time.) 

  – Air Bubbles, Can Cause A Condom To Break.

(The Coalition For Positive Sexuality (CPS) – The Medical Institute – “Safe Sex” By Rusty Wright, B.S.)

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Concerning Pregnancy

A National Study Found That Condoms Have A 15% Failure Rate With Pregnancy.

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Take A Moment And Ponder These Questions:

  • Would You Fly With An Airline Company Were 15 Out Of Every 100 Flights Of Theirs Crashed?

       – Would You Let A Heart Doctor Operate On Your Heart If You Knew That 15 Out Of Every 100

           Of His Patients Died On The Operating Table While He Was Working On Them?

       – Would You Eat In A Restaurant Were 15 Out Of Every 100 Customers Came Down With Food 


(“Safe Sex” by Rusty Wright, B.S.)

Young Men Let Me Tell You Something 

You Will Not Hear From Your Friends – Nor In The Movies Nor Anyplace Else – When Most Guys For 

The First Time Go Into A Woman Sexually – Their Body Is – So Nervous – So Excited – Nine Times Out Of Ten They Pop Right Away And I Mean Right Away – It Takes Time To Master Your Body 

Controlling Your Climax – I Believe That The Vast Majority Of Young Guys – Who Get Young Girls Pregnant Are Themselves Virgins – Spending Less Than A Minute In Her – The Best Words To Describe The First Couple Of Sexual Encounters Are “Clumsy” And “Awkward” – So Yes Your Father God Wants You To Be Inexperienced Until Your Wedding Night – You Will Not Be Naive – But Inexperienced – Yet Your Obedience To Him Well Be Rewarded With A Special Joy For In Your First Act Of Intercourse With Your Wife – While You Are In Her – And You Look Into Her Eyes- You Will Understand – You Will Know – What Our Father God Means In Saying  – 

The Two Will Become One

Now Ask Yourself A Question    

Is A Minute Or Even Less Worth Losing Your Virginity For

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Concerning Oral Sex

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Is Oral Sex “Safe Sex”?

Absolutely Not!  

You Can Get Any STD Through Oral Sex, Whether You Are Giving Or Receiving Oral Sex 

(Sucking Or Licking.)  

Most People With A STD/STI Do NOT Show Any Symptoms — See The Following STD/STI Pages.

The Fact Is That Condoms Leak! 

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Condoms Only Reduce The Risk,

 They Never Totally

Eliminate The Risk

For Catching An STD

From An Infected Sex Partner

Or From Preventing A Pregnancy.

The Bottom Line  Is That Condoms Are Not Totally Reliable,

So There Is No Such Thing As Totally

“Safe Sex.” 

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So What Now?

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From A Physical Perspective

(Disease And Pregnancy Protection),

Condoms Do Not Have The Complete Protection We Have Been Led To Believe.  

Condoms DO NOT Seem To Make Sex Safe Enough!

*          *          *          *          *

From A Spiritual (Soul Ties) Perspective,

Condoms Offer No Protection.

The Reality Is

If You Are Engaging In

Promiscuous Sex Of Any Kind

You Are Outside The Protection

Of Our God.

*          *          *          *          *

So, If You Are Going To Do It –



According To What God Has Said About Sex Within Scripture, 

Your Body Belongs To You And Your Wife And Nobody Else


That Is A 100% Guarantee For Safe Sex!   

The Only Absolute Protection And The Best Choice

Is To Decide Not To Have Sex Before You Are Married.  


This Decision Will Take Courage!

End Of Part One

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Part Two

Safe Sex – STD’s-STI’s 

(part -2)

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The Scary Part Is That The Most Common Symptom Of An


Is “NO” Symptom…

The Consequences To Your Future,

If You Get An


Can Be Devastating. 

Leading Infectious Disease Specialist Doctor 

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If You Are Unmarried And Have Already Had Sex,

This Section Is Not About Whether You Are A Good Person Or A Bad Person.

The Purpose Of This Section On STD’s Is To Get You Thinking For Yourself.

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What Is A STD/STI?

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A Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STD/STI) Is A Disease You Can Get By Having Sex With 

Someone Else Who Is Infected With Any Of Several Germs That Cause These Infections. Infections May 

Occur Inside Your Body Or Outside On Your Body — Usually In Or On Your Penis, Anus, Skin, Or Mouth 

(And The Vagina Within Females).

The Scary Part Is That The Most Common Symptom Of An STD Is NO Symptom, 

Especially Within Females.  

This Means You Can’t Tell Whether Someone Has An STD Just By Looking At Her Or Him.

*          *           *          *          *

A Basic Understanding Of Microbes Causing STDs.

*         *           *          *          *

Whenever A Person Is Infected With An STD, That Individual Is Called “The Host” Which Means That The Person Is Carrying The Germ And Will Give It To Whomever He/She Has Sex With.  Not The Kind Of Sharing  We Need To Be Doing!  There Are Three Different Categories Of STD Organisms:  

Parasites, Bacteria And Viruses.

Of These Three Forms Of STD’s Parasites Are The Easiest To Cure.

*          *           *          *          *


– Are Nourished By Eating Away At The Host’s Flesh And They Also Have Sex  

    (Reproduce) On Your Body,  Therefore Always Multiplying. 

An Example –

Pubic Lice, Aka Crabs, Actually Lay Eggs And Glue Them To Your Hair, Usually Pubic Hair.

 *          *           *          *          *


  • Are Also Kept Alive By Being Nourished From The Body Of Their Host. Gonorrhea,   

 Syphilis, Chlamydia, And Chancroid Are A Few Examples Of Sexually Transmitted  


Antibiotics are used to cure STDs caused by bacteria .

*          *           *          *          *


  • Viruses Are Complex Molecules That Must Live Inside A Human Or Animal Cell,                    

And Some, Like HIV, Actually Incorporate Into Our DNA.  

Some, Like Herpes, Live Inside Our Nerve Sheaths.   

Viruses Can Remain Dormant Within A Host Or Quickly Multiply When They Occupy The Cells Of Their Host.  

HIV, Herpes And Hepatitis Are Viruses.  

Most Often STD Viruses Cannot Be Cured, But They Can Be Brought Under Control.

*          *           *          *          *

How Common Are STD’s?

Every Year, In The U.S. Alone, There Are About 3 Million Cases Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

(STD’s) In Teenagers And About 1 Million Teenage Girls Get Pregnant. As Recently As 8 Years Ago, HIV 

Infection Was The 6th Leading Cause Of Death In Young People 15-24 Years Old. 

To See The Worldwide Incidence Of STD’s, Check Out This Site:

  Worldwide STD Statistics

*          *           *          *          *

Eighty Percent Of Americans With HIV Do Not Know They Are Infected.

Philip Emeagwall

*          *           *          *          *

Knowing What The Risks Are May Help Prevent You From Making A Terrible Mistake. 

*          *           *          *          *

Take Responsibility For Yourself.

Your Sex Partner Will Not Do It For You!

*          *           *          *          *

*          *           *          *          *

Studies Show

That It Is Between The Ages Of 15 And 24 Years

That Account For 50% Of All New Diagnostics Of STD’s

And It Is Within This Age Group

That Brings About The Overwhelming Percentage Of Abortions

*          *           *          *          *

Today, Couples Engaged To Be Married, Need To Have An Honest Talk About Stds And Their Past 

Sexual History.   Here Are Some Recommended Questions For The Couple To Ask Each Other:

            – How Many People Have You Had Sex With?

            – Have You Had Sex Without A Condom?

            – Have You Ever Had Unprotected Oral Sex?

            – Have You Had More Than One Sex Partner At A Time?

            – Have You Inject Illegal Drugs Or Have You Had Sex With Someone Who Injects Drugs?

            – Have You Ever Had Unprotected Sex With A Prostitute?

            – Have You Had A Test For HIV? What Were The Results?

            – Have You Ever Had An STD, Including Hepatitis B Or Hepatitis C? Was It Treated And Cured?

(Adapted From WEBMD Www.Webmd.Com/Sex/Birth-Control/Tc/Safe-Sex-Topic-Overview)

*          *           *          *          *

What Do I Do Next?

Make A Decision!  

The Only Way You Can Be Totally Sure About Staying Free Of An STD

Is To Choose Not To Have Sex Until You Are Married. 

*          *           *          *          *

Freedom Is Not Having The Right To Choose To Do Whatever You Want.  

Freedom Is Having The Ability To Do What Is Right. 

Francis Schaeffer

Take Responsibility For Yourself!

On Www.Purity201.Com We Present A Basic Understanding Of The 8 Most Common STD’s 

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