Answers about the Meditations on the Cross.



How to View The Cross.

  1. What kind of prayer should we have for revelation?  Ongoing
  2. What are the events surrounding the Cross called?  The Sufferings, or Passion of the Christ
  3. What was Jesus’ first priority?  Obedience

Why Did the Cross Have to Happen?

  1. According to Oswald Chambers, why does God forgive sin?  Only because of the death of Jesus Christ
  2. What is the good news of the creeds?  Jesus rose on the 3rd day

3 Where is He this very minute, this very second? Sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty

My Sin and Where is Jesus Now.

  1. Was Jesus fully aware of what was going to happen to Him? Yes
  2. Why did God send an angel to the Garden of Gethsemane?  To minister, lest he die
  3. What does our sinful rebellion produce?  Christ’s death

How Ugly Was the Cross?

  1. What were two common forms of execution?  Stoning, crucifixion
  2. Why were crucifixions done as public events?  Crime prevention
  3. Can Jesus relate to shame in our lives?  Yes

The Choice and the Challenge.

  1. In Luke 9, what indicates there is a choice?  IF
  2. What are we to do if we make the choice?  Deny, take up our cross, and follow Jesus
  3. What does God’s destiny for us look like? A life of purity and fruitfulness

Taking Up Our Cross.

  1. Why did Jesus endure the cross? Obedience to the Father
  2. What does God promise us about where He will be in our lives? He will never leave us or forsake us
  3. What will our sufferings be? Unique to each of us


The Blood of Jesus.

  1. When the Father looks at Jesus on the throne, what does He always see?  His pierced hands
  2. What is the only thing Satan dreads?  The blood of Jesus
  3. How important do you allow the blood of Jesus to be in your life? ?

Our Freedom and the Cross of Jesus.

  1. Where do lies originate?  Satan
  2. What is the goal of lies? To lead us into slavery
  3. Where do we go for freedom? To the cross

Our Peace and the Cross.

  1. Which royal title names Jesus in relation to peace? Prince of Peace
  2. What are two requirements for peace? 

    Renewed minds, committed and trusting relationship with Jesus

  1. Where must we hide our un-holiness?  In the wounds of Christ

Our Healing and the Cross.

  1. What do we gain in return for Jesus taking our infirmities and sorrow? Healing
  2. What might prevent Jesus from healing?  Unbelief
  3. What did Jesus once warn a healed person?  To not return to their sin

Our Victory and the Cross.

1, Why didn’t the Father change His mind about the Cross?  He saw the resurrection as well)

  1. Did Jesus do EVERYTHING the Father told Him to do? Yes
  2. Psalm 18 is also called what? A Song of Praise

Abiding in Christ and His Cross.

  1. To the degree that we abide in Jesus is the degree that? He abides in us
  2. What does abide mean? Wait
  3. What did God reveal at the Cross?  His love towards us