We Have Used Our Imaginations For Perverted Thoughts Long Enough!  

Now Lets Use Them In The Way We Walk In Our Sonship With Our Heavenly Father! 

 For One Of Our Heavenly Father’s Names Is

Imagine Yourself As A Young Boy Walking With Your Heavenly Father God in A Beautiful Fruit Orchard, With Each Of These Proclamations Being A Fruit Tree.  See Yourself Being Given A Fresh Piece Of Fruit From Each Particular Tree From Your Father Who Loves You Very Much.  Realize As You Read Each Proclamation, You Are Being Strengthen In Our Wonderful Lord God. Take Your Time And Come Back Here Often, Eating As Often And As Much As You Like!


 My Identity As His Son

 My Son, If You Accept My Words 

 And Store Up My Commands Within You, 

 Turning Your Ear To Wisdom 

 And Applying Your Heart To Understanding, 

 And If You Call Out For Insight 

 And Cry Aloud For Understanding, 

 And If You Look For It As For Silver 

 And Search For It As For Hidden Treasure, 

 Then You Will Understand The Fear Of The Lord 

 And Find The Knowledge Of God. 

 For The Lord Gives Wisdom, 

 And From His Mouth Come Knowledge And Understanding. 

 He Holds Victory In Store For The Upright, 

 He Is A Shield To Those Whose Walk Is Blameless, 

 For He Guards The Course Of The Just 

 And Protects The Way Of His Faithful Ones. 

 Then You Will Understand 

 What Is Right And Just And Fair—Every Good Path. 

 For Wisdom Will Enter Your Heart, 

 And Knowledge Will Be Pleasant To Your Soul. 

 Discretion Will Protect You, 

 And Understanding Will Guard You. 

Proverbs 2:1-11

*          *          *          * 

*          *          * 

*          * 

  Revelation 12:11  Says: 



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